Kelly Henderson Talks Quarantine Skincare, Jay Cutler Rumors & More

On this episode of All’s Fair, hosts Laura Wasser and Johnny Raines talk with celebrity stylist Kelly Henderson. They get her best quarantine hair and skincare tips, find out a surprising anti-aging technique she uses every day, and discuss the importance of taking care of your internal health and beauty in order to truly look as beautiful as possible on the outside. They also address the rumors that are swirling around that Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler separated because of a possible affair with Kelly – speculation that grew even more intense when Kelly posted a partial photo of her current boyfriend, which many fans took to be Jay, on her Instagram account.

Kelly makes it crystal clear: “There was never an affair, I have nothing to do with their divorce, and I am not dating Jay Cutler,” she declares. She met Jay through her ex twelve years ago, and befriended Kristin when she started dating Jay; that’s as deep as the relationship gets. The picture was of her actual boyfriend, who she’s been dating for awhile now; she didn’t include his face because he’s very private, and she tries to keep him and his kids out of her public life because “it’s not what they signed up for.” But she “got annihilated,” she says. “People are insane.” 

But instead of dwelling on that drama, Laura asks her about her health and beauty brand, Velvet’s Edge. “Obviously being in quarantine, all our beauty routines have completely shifted,” she says. So instead of worrying a lot about makeup, the focus can be on skincare. In fact, Kelly reveals that she shaves her face every day – and not because she has troublesome beard hairs. She realized that “men don’t age around their lips as fast as women do,” and discovered it’s because they shave their faces, “turning their skin cells over and keeping that collagen pumping.” So she uses a simple foaming face wash and shaves all her peach fuzz off each day, comparing it to an “at-home dermaplaning” and saying it not only makes your skin dewier, it also helps makeup go on more smoothly. But “be careful! The first time I did it I shaved off half my eyebrow,” she laughs. 

They get into simple grooming tips for men – she’s into the quarantine buzz cuts trend, she highly recommends trimming nose and ear hair, and says if your grays are growing in, “own it!” – and discuss the most important relationship in her life and the one piece of advice she’d give her younger self; hear all this and more on this episode of All’s Fair.

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