Monkeys, Mentors, & Musical Theater On 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends'

On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Zach Braff and Donald Faison are celebrating the success of their podcast, because they just got asked to be on The View. Donald just wants to talk to Whoopi Goldberg because he loved her performance in The Color Purple so much, and Zach warns him, “Don’t embarrass us in front of Whoopi, bro” even though the movie is “a f**king masterpiece.” They discuss Scrubs season one, episode 14, “My Drug Buddy,” go on a few tangents about airplane bathrooms, monkey videos, and washcloths, trade some memories of their interactions with the cast and crew during the shoot, and talk to a big fan named Emmanuel, who’s a nurse at a children’s hospital.

There’s also a monkey in this episode – “We always had weird animals on the show,” Zach recalls – and they watch and laugh about several monkey videos together before they get back on track. Early on, Sarah Chalke, who plays Elliott, mentions that some Percocet has gone missing, and looks guilty; they love that the show dropped clues like that – it’s what makes the show so rewatchable. They also talk about Zach’s love for musical theater, his time at theater summer camp as a kid, and how he always used a song from Pippin to audition with. They even sing a little of it together, to thunderous applause. 

When they bring Emmanuel on, he asks if either of them brought anything of their characters' into their real lives, and Donald says, “Yeah, I brought J.D.!” Zach really did become his best friend, and Zach says he can see his influence on Donald. “He always liked singing and being silly,” Zach says, but he would try to hide it. “Now look at him. He’s singing Pippin left and right!” Emmanuel also asks if either of them had any mentors through their careers. They both say Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence. “Bill taught me the anatomy of a joke,” Donald says. “He taught me how to tell a joke.” Zach agrees: Not only did Bill teach him a lot about acting and directing, he also taught them both how to navigate Hollywood. Zach still shows early drafts or edits of his projects to Bill first. “He gives me tough notes. Good notes,” he says. Listen to this episode to hear about the hilarious merch they want to get for the podcast, Donald’s Denzel Washington story, their deep thoughts about The Phantom Menace, and a lot more on Fake Doctors, Real Friends

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