City of Cedar Rapids Garbage & Recycling Collection Advisory

The City of Cedar Rapids Solid Waste and Recycling division announces a full return to normal collection services effective Monday, May 11. Previously, the division adjusted collection procedures to reduce the risk of worker exposure to COVID-19 by limiting the need to exit collection vehicles to retrieve refuse.

The division has secured necessary protective equipment to allow operators to safely collect all refuse. By Monday, May 11, collection for all regular garbage, recycling, yard waste, and bulky/special haul items will have resumed.

Garbage Collection

·Extra garbage bag collection continues as normal. Be sure to affix an extra garbage sticker, visible to the driver, onto any bags that don’t fit in your gray GARBY cart. Set the first extra bag on top of your GARBY, and any additional bags on the ground, three feet away from your GARBY.

·Tip: Use smaller garbage bags to fit more items into your collection cart.

Recycling Collection

·Extra recycling items that do not fit into your blue CURBY cart be set out in a cardboard box. Please limit extra boxes to 2ft by 3ft by 2ft in size. Set the extra recycling box on the ground, three feet away from your CURBY on garbage day.

·Glass collection has resumed. If possible, please limit your glass to one bucket each week so collection routes do not become congested. Clear and colored glass can be mixed together and placed in a separate bucket with a handle, no larger than five gallons, three feet away from your CURBY cart for collection. Glass cannot be disposed in your CURBY cart.

·Tip: Flatten items to get more into your collection cart.

·Tip:Our recycling sorting facility has noticed an increase in non-recyclable items arriving at their facility. Help us reduce contamination by learning what doesn’t belong in your CURBY cart at

Yard Waste Collection

  • Collection of green YARDY (yard waste) carts continues.
  • If you have more yard waste than will fit in your YARDY cart, you may once again separate brush into 2ft by 3ft bundles that way less than 40 pounds. The maximum diameter for branches is 5 inches. Use biodegradable twine to bundle, and set on the ground, three feet away from YARDY for collection.
  • Lawn and leaf bags are only collected during the spring and fall leaf vacuum collection program. These bags will not be collected again until fall.

Bulky Item & Special Haul Collection

  • Routine bulky item and special haul collection resumed on Monday, April 27. This service has been in high demand since that time. Crews are fully booked for the next two weeks. We will schedule bulky collection in the order they are received. Thank you for your patience.

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