Secretary Pate launches statewide poll worker recruitment for June primary

DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate announces a new statewide initiative to recruit poll workers for the June 2 primary. Normally, Iowa poll workers tend to come from age groups that are more vulnerable to COVID-19. This June, Secretary Pate asks younger Iowans to step up and serve.

Poll workers are a crucial component of Iowa’s elections. They check-in voters, make sure they have the correct ballot, answer questions, and help ensure elections run smoothly in each precinct. Polling locations will be open in all 99 counties on June 2. However, many counties are consolidating precincts due to fewer poll workers being available because of the pandemic.

“This is a call to action for patriotic Iowans. Your state and country need you on June 2,” Secretary Pate said. “We need younger, healthy Iowans to help staff our polling locations to ensure a clean, smooth election process. Also, these are paid positions. You can put a little extra money in your pocket.”

The Secretary of State’s Office is providing masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, social distancing markers and other materials to every precinct to protect voters and poll workers from the risk of spreading COVID-19.

For more information and to sign up to become a poll worker, visit  

A 60-second animated video about becoming a poll worker is available for your use at this link.

A video message from Secretary Pate about becoming a poll worker is available at this link.

Two graphics that you can utilize regarding becoming a poll worker are available below:

Poll worker graphic 1

Poll worker graphic 2

To reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19, the safest way to vote in the June primary is casting an absentee ballot from home. This week, Secretary Pate sent absentee ballot request forms to every active registered voter in Iowa. For more information on voting in the June primary, visit

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