"HOPE" Mural atop the Veterans Memorial Building

nFrom April 2nd through April 12th, the Veterans Memorial Building, in downtown Cedar Rapids, will erect a mural of “HOPE”. This Mural was an intercountry collaboration between two Iowa artists in Cedar Rapids, Julius Cavira and Scott Takes, and two Cuban artists in Havana, Che Pando and Yunier Guerrero. Each artist was hand delivered a 7’2 X 3’ canvas, upon which they created a letter of the word “HOPE” according to their own artistic style and inspiration.

These artists have very different life characteristics - such as location, language, and culture - however, what they share is more profound. They share “HOPE.” And, their “HOPE” fuels both their unrelenting drive to create and to give despite facing the multitudes of life struggles. Their collective HOPE is that the gift of their creativity and talent will serve as a reminder of the beauty within humanity. And, that their collaboration brings inspiration and comfort during these difficult times.

The HOPE Mural Project—which includes one mural previously displayed on the north side of the Veterans Memorial Building in 2019—was actualized by Jason Everett (US ARMY Veteran, University of Iowa/Kirkwood Alumni, Cedar Rapidian) and Nancy Bartosz (Chicago-area school teacher), who have collaborated with dozens of artists, spanning 22 countries, to create "HOPE" murals that have been installed around the world.

Other partners include, US ARMY and National Guard Veteran artist Scott Droessler, who finished/sealed the mural. Doug Thompson of Territory X Media provided video and photography; and, numerous others who supported in other small, but important ways.

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