Cedar Rapids Suggests “Spring Cleaning” Delay

Following CDC and public health guidance, the City of Cedar Rapids Solid Waste and Recycling division has adjusted collection procedures to reduce the risk of worker exposure to coronavirus. Temporary procedures limit the need for workers to exit collection vehicles and include measures such as reduced extra garbage bag collection, restriction of recycling collection to what fits in the cart, and suspension of glass collection buckets.

“While many are finding extra time at home an opportunity to get a start on routine spring household cleaning activities, we’re urging residents to hold off on any extra cleaning and only dispose of absolutely necessary garbage until regular collection resumes,” explains Mark Jones, solid waste superintendent.

The Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency location is also closed to the public, limiting the ability for residents to bring extra garbage directly to the landfill. For this reason, officials suggest waiting to dispose of extra “spring cleaning” and bulky items that can remain in storage until collection returns to normal.

Customers with extra bags of garbage can continue to utilize the extra garbage sticker program. Place bags with the sticker visible to the collection driver on top of your gray GARBY cart. If possible, limit extra garbage bags to only one bag on top your GARBY cart.

Find more information regarding current collection procedures below:

Garbage Collection

·Place extra garbage bags with the garbage sticker visible to the driver on top of your gray GARBY cart. If you must place more than one extra bag out for collection, set the second bag on the ground next to your GARBY cart.

·Please take extra caution to ensure any extra garbage bags are tied so they are sealed completely shut.

·Please only dispose of absolutely necessary garbage.

·Tip: Use small bags rather than full-sized so more garbage fits in your GARBY cart.

Recycling Collection

·Only recycling inside your blue CURBY cart will be collected. No extra recycling boxes for now. Learn about what can be recycled at www.RecyclingSimplified.com

·Tip: Flatten items to fit more in.

·Glass collection is suspended. Hold onto glass until collection resumes.

Yard Waste Collection

·Collection of green YARDY (yard waste) carts continues.

·Learn what extra items can be placed into your YARDY cart, like fruit and vegetable trimmings, on the Solid Waste & Recycling Division website.

·Customers should make full use of their YARDY carts for leaves and other yard waste in lieu of leaf vacuum collection.

Bulky Item & Special Haul Collection

·Temporarily suspended until further notice.

Please visit www.cedar-rapids.org for the most updated information on collection modifications and COVID-19 response.

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