Heavy rain coming but major snow storm mostly misses Iowa MAPS

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Heavy rain is predicted across Iowa Saturday, and more on Sunday.

The National Weather Service says that rain could turn into light snow by Monday, possibly as much as a half in in Central Iowa causing slick roads for the Monday morning drive there.

In Eastern Iowa that snow is more likely a mix of rain and snow during Monday afternoon drive, then turning to all snow after 5:00 p.m.

Heavier amounts of snow, up to an inch an a half are expected in Western and Northern Iowa, but nothing like the snow storm being predicted for Western and Central Nebraska, the Dakotas, and Minnesota where blizzard conditions are possible.

In the pink areas on the National Weather Service snow map above, a foot or more of snow is expected as the storm hits.

Heavy snow starts Saturday in Nebraska and South Dakota and will move into North Dakota and Minnesota Sunday.

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