Another $4.3 Million in upgrades for Cedar Rapids City parks

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - The City of Cedar Rapids will be spending another $4.3 Million dollars to make its City parks more accessible, and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

So far, Cedar Rapids has invested $18 million to improve accessibility issues.

Cedar Rapids is one of more than 200 cities, counties, and towns across the country that the Department of Justice has flagged as not being fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, reports KCRG TV-9.

The City of Cedar Rapids recently made improvements at Noelridge Park, in the city's northeast quadrant.

The Justice Department opened its settlement with the City of Cedar Rapids in 2015 and initially gave the city four years to become fully compliant.

The department closed its settlement with the city this summer, but not everything is ADA compliant yet.

The new money will be used to upgrade issues at every park in the northeast part of town, including more accessible parking, restrooms, basketball courts, tennis courts, and playgrounds.

Photo by Mary Green, KCRG.

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