Ron Burgundy Finds Out All The Foods Eaten Out Of The Stanley Cup

On this episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast, Ron Burgundy is excited to share a new book he’s read with his co-host, Carolina Barlow, called How to Win Friends And Influence People. “It’s not what you think,” Ron enthuses. “You don’t have to bring a brick of cocaine for the next game have to become genuinely interested in other people.” Carolina tells Ron that this “new” book came out around 80 years ago, and that he should get interested in their first guest, Fair Auto CEO, Scott Painter. Then, they have the Stanley Cup keeper Mike Bolt in the studio to learn what it takes to guard the Cup, all the superstitions that surround it, and all of the many liquids that have been inside it.

Fair Auto, Scott tells Ron, is a way to get a car without having to go to a dealership. It’s all done through an app, and users are able to rent or lease a car with no contracts and no debt. “Doesn’t require any negotiation, any confrontation or commitment,” Scott says. Ron actually loves to negotiate, Carolina says, sometimes wasting salespeople’s time “for hours.” Ron confirms it: “Let’s say a car is being sold for $35,000, I like to go in and I like to look them in the eye...and I’ll go, ‘I’ve got two grand, cash,’ and I’ll slide it across the desk real slow in a manila envelope,” he tells Scott. “And they usually kick me out.” 

After Scott leaves, Mike Bolt, the official keeper of the Stanley Cup, brings the cup into the studio, making Ron “squeal like a little girl” because it’s the “oldest trophy in sports history still being competed for by professional athletes.” So how does Mike manage to keep the Cup safe? “I sleep with one eye open,” he laughs. Sometimes it gets stressful, because it clearly means so much to hockey fanatics. “It’s like a magnet” for fans, Mike says, but there are strong superstitions about it for the players; if they haven’t won it, they don’t want to touch it, or sometimes even be around it. That’s why the Cup keeper always wears white gloves, Mike says: “You want to make sure that people, when you’re carrying it...out in the public, people know that you’re the keeper, not the guy that won it.” 

Mike tells us that the Cup is 127 years old, donated to the Amateur Hockey Association by then-Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley, in 1892. “He's the only member of the Hockey Hall of Fame that had nothing to do with hockey other than donating the trophy.” It’s apparent that the Cup has spent its years well; Mike tells Ron and Carolina that ice cream sundaes, lobster bisque, and chips and guacamole have been eaten out of it; two babies were baptized in it; it even carried a baby penguin once for the Pittsburgh Zoo. It’s partied with Rush, Bon Jovi, Wayne Newton, and Celine Dion. Billy Guerin once bobbed for apples inside it. “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire...any connection?” Ron asks. “Good question,” Carolina says. Mike has to admit that that is one claim the Cup can’t make. 

Join Ron, Carolina, Mike, and Scott to learn more about the Stanley Cup, what poutine is, why Ron hates that new car smell, and what Carolina sees in hockey players (“They look like they could build you a house and get into an unprovoked fight for you,” she explains), on this episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast. 

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