Florida Cop Runs Over Couple Laying In The Street To Watch Super Blood Moon

Earth's shadow almost totally obscures the view of the so-called Super Blood Wolf Moon during a total lunar eclipse, on Sunday January 20, 2019, in Miami, Florida

A police officer in Florida has been placed on administrative leave after he accidentally ran over a couple who was laying in the middle of a dark roadway to view the Super Blood Moon on Sunday (January 20) night. 

The West Palm Beach police officer was driving around five miles-per-hour through the closed Apoxee Wilderness Trail in his 2018 Ford Explorer when he ran over the unidentified couple, who were both 24-years-old. They were taken to the hospital where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries. 

The couple lived near the trail and reportedly entered the park through a locked gate so they could find a dark place to view and photograph the only lunar eclipse of 2019. Officials did not disclose their condition but said they were able to speak with officers about the incident. 


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