WMT's Ag Expo begins today

Starting today and running through tomorrow, WMT's Ag Expo out at Hawkeye Downs. Come see the latest and greatest in agriculture and don't forget about the big announcement and reveal of the 20th Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade Announcement!

Full schedule for today and tomorrow is below.

8:00am – 5:00pm               

8:15a Mitchell Hora – Continuum Ag LLC – Quantifying and Improving Soil Health

9:30a Todd Hultman – DTN Lead Analyst – Ag Market Trends

10:30a   Mike Naig – Iowa Secretary of Agriculture  

11:30a The Big Show with 2019 Tractorcade Announcement including a Special Guest

1:30p Pesticide Recertification

8:00am - 4:00pm

8:30a Weed Resistance in Soybeans Update – Panel Discussion 

11:30a The Big Show with Justin Roberts and Andy Petersen

1:15p Elwynn Taylor – Long Range Weather Outlook

2:30p     Marty Adkins – The Nature Conservancy – Nutrient Management

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