Iowans are drinking more booze, less beer

Iowans are drinking more overall - and specifically more liquor and wine - according to the annual report from the state's Alcoholic Beverages Division.

Total alcohol sales rose 4.7% in Iowa, topping 320-million dollars, driven by increased sales of liquor. Beer sales declined slightly but remained the most consumed alcoholic beverage by volume in Iowa at 72.2 million gallons.

The annual report also includes a list of the most popular drinks and brands.

American vodkas was the most popular type of liquor sold in Iowa, followed by Canadian whiskey then spiced rum.

But whiskeys topped the list of most popular bottles sold - Black Velvet remained the top selling bottle of booze in the state, a title it has held for several years running now. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey came in second, followed by Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Hawkeye Vodka and Tito's Texas Vodka round out the Top 5.

Among Iowa distilleries, Templeton Rye topped the list with Cedar Ridge in second. Overall, Iowa distillery sales rose 3.9%.

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