Election Day in Johnson Co.

Voters will find out who will fill the empty seat on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors Tuesday night.

Republican candidate Phil Hemingway and Democratic candidate Royceanne Porter are the candidates.

The Johnson County Auditor's Office reports more than 2,500 people cast their ballot early. That includes more than 1,500 registered Democrats and more than 270 registered Republicans. Johnson County Auditor Travis Weipert said he's pleasantly surprised with the numbers.

"We always wonder about voter fatigue just coming off the huge November election it seems like people are still engaged," said Weipert. "I don't know if that has a lot to do with everything that's happening in Washington but people are just getting out and speaking with their vote."

The 17 precincts will be combined into eight polling locations Monday. If you're not sure where yours is, click here.

The winner will complete the rest of Kurt Friese's term. Friese passed away in October.

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