Collins Aerospace employees offered buyouts

Two weeks after Collins Aerospace, formerly known as Rockwell Collins, was purchased by United Technologies Corporation, the company announced it will offer voluntary severance packages to employees.

In a statement Tuesday evening, the company said it is offering a one-time opportunity to employees to receive incentives to leave the company.

"The goal of the program is to reduce the need for potential involuntary reductions as we optimize the structure of our business," Collins Aerospace spokeswoman Pam Tvrdy-Cleary said in a statement. "We are providing education sessions in the coming weeks across the organization to help employees make well-informed decisions."

The company said the offer is being made to full-time and part-time employees based in the United States and Oakville, Canada. To be eligible for the package, employees must be salary exempt or non-exempt and non-executive employees and must be classified as indirect

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