IC Nighttime Mayor to leave post

Angela Winnike, the first nighttime mayor of Iowa City and one of the first in the country, will be stepping down from her role in mid December to pursue other opportunities in California.

"I will miss this place that I have and always will call home. The opportunities, friends, and experiences Iowa City has offered me have been endless," Winnike said in a statement.

Winnike was brought into the position by the Iowa City Downtown District in April 2017 to provide advocacy and support for the city's downtown nightlife offerings and the businesses that support it. She was chosen for her knowledge of the downtown atmosphere, familiarity with business regulations, and the desire to forge stronger relationships between those interests and the city government.

Another focus for her as nighttime mayor was encouraging more events in the downtown district while collaborating with local establishments, notably the annual summer block party events since 2017 which have drawn thousands to the business district.

The Iowa City Downtown District said they will continue the role in the future. They will be evaluating the needs of the position based on communication with local businesses, the city, and the University of Iowa.

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