UIHC to test Bronchitis Cure

More than 10 million people across the country have chronic bronchitis. Now Researchers feel that they may have a cure, but they need help. The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) is looking for people to take part in a trial study that may have a cure for chronic bronchitis.

It won't cost the patients anything. In fact, they will actually get paid. Chronic bronchitis is bronchitis that lasts longer than two years. About half of the people who smoke have the symptoms that include coughing up mucus and shortness of breath.

Chronic Bronchitis can increase a person's risk for a respiratory infection. The inflammation can also do damage to the lungs. The trial works by a scope going into the lungs and delivering energy into the airwaves that will kill all the cells that are producing mucus.

“There is some preliminary data showing that looked that within a year, there was an improvement, a significant improvement in their systems,” said Dr. Alejandro Comellas with UIHC. “I think it's gonna be variable. Therefore this clinical trial is the first step in something larger to determine really what is the time frame in which we're gonna find these improvements"

Comellas says it cost thousands of dollars for chronic bronchitis treatment over the years. So if this cure works, it could save patients a lot of money.

"Hopefully that will be the case that you will be able to reduce or not use the inhalers or medications to treat symptoms," he said.

UIHC is one of five hospitals in America taking part in this study. If the treatment works, they will start to look more into the study. They're looking for about five people to take part in the trial procedure.

People wanting to take part in the study can contact the hospital at 319-353-8862.

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