November starting out COLD!

Most mornings this month haven’t been particularly cold for November, with the exception of the record low Saturday. But high temperatures have been falling well short of average. In Cedar Rapids, the high on the 5th did match the normal high for the date but every other day this month has been below normal. In fact, Saturday’s high was 23 degrees below normal!

Through Sunday, Cedar Rapids’ average high was 42.4 degrees, making it the 7th-coldest first 11 days in November on record. It’s the coldest start since 1997. 1991 is far and away the champion with an average high temperature of 30.6 degrees.

Dubuque’s average high temperature of 40.4 puts it in 8th place. In Iowa City, it’s 44.3 degrees, which is the 3rd-coldest for the fairly short period of records at the airport; the long-term climate site is in 13th place. Waterloo has had an average high of 41.1 degrees, good for 6th place.