Secretary of State: Your Vote is Safe

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate reassured voters Monday that their votes will be safe during the midterm election.

Next week’s midterm vote is the first major election since 2016 and while there are several reports of election problems in other states, Iowa leaders say they are prepared.

“They just need to know when they go out to vote, their vote will be counted because we have assembled the A-team,” Pate said.

Pate showed off members of his “A-team” as he announced Iowa election security updates at the Statehouse.

He said months of special training and preparation will add up to a safe Election Day and accurate returns on election night.

“Well, I think it's important to the Iowa voter that we let them know we've got their back and ensuring them of the integrity,” he said.

Pate said the No.1 security measure for Iowa voters is paper ballots that are not vulnerable to hackers.

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