Iowa Soybean Harvest Slowest on Record

Rain and early snows led to less than a day good for fieldwork across the state of Iowa.

With just about all corn mature, about 17 percent is harvested. Progress is still ahead of last year but four days behind the average. Farmers only harvested about two percent from last week. The moisture content of field corn is about 20 percent with conditions at about 69 percent good or excellent.

Nearly all of soybeans have dropped leaves as well but only 19 percent of the crop is harvested, 11 days behind the average, making 2018 the slowest October 14th bean harvest on record. Soybean conditions are 65 percent good or excellent.

The moisture levels in the state have reached surplus levels with all the rain. Topsoil moisture is 60 percent surplus across the state and subsoil is 48 percent surplus. With a lot of reduction in the dry areas of Southeast Iowa.

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