Alliant Energy Offers Tips for Colder Weather

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - If you step outside you may notice the drop in temperature as the cold moves in Thursday.

Alliant Energy says this is the time of year where a lot of people are turning their furnaces on for the first time and they recommend getting a furnace tune-up from a Heating and Air Conditioning Company.

That way you can make sure everything is working properly.

An early inspection can catch any issues now before it gets too cold, extend furnace life, and avoid any major repairs.

Your vents should be wide open and free of clutter so you can heat the room evenly.

One of the easiest ways to make your heat run smoothly is just making sure you change the filter at least once a month.

"If you have pets especially or if you haven't vacuumed or cleaned around that area that filter is doing its job, it's keeping all that hair and dust and lint from getting into your furnace and blowing out throughout your house, but at the same time, it's also forcing your furnace to work hard through that filter," says Mike Wagner, spokesperson for Alliant Energy.

Another idea is switching over to a smart thermostat to help keep track of the temperature.

You can use your cell phone to track the temperature and adjust the heat when you're not at home.

Some devices send out monthly reports so you know how much energy you are using.

Alliant Energy says it can save consumers money by having better control of their energy bill.

Mike Wagner, a spokesperson for Alliant tells us another option is checking the amount of insulation that you have in your home especially in the attic.

"Really that's another thing that's going to affect your ability to hold in that heat and also during the summer, to kind of hold in that cold, keep the drafts out, you're going to look around your windows to make sure you don't have any cracks or leaks, but really your insulation is another factor that you can kind of look at," says Wagner.

Smart thermostats can cost anywhere from $100 - $300.

Wagner says even just making sure you're dressed for the temperature change like wearing sweatshirts and longer sleeves around your home can also help save a little money on heating bills.

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