Linn Co. Sample Ballot Mailer Confuses Some

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -- A sample ballot that showed up in the mailbox of Linn County voters is creating some confusion that could impact voter turnout.

Linn County Auditor Joel Miller says his office sent out more than 90,000 sample ballots as a way to educate voters on who is running in November's election. The mailers also included an absentee ballot request form and a letter noting "this ballot cannot be used for voting."

Miller has acknowledged there were many who were confused. Since Monday, Miller's office has received 128 filled out sample ballots. Nevertheless, Miller is calling his office's mailers a success.

"Could we do things differently? Yes. But was it overall a good outcome thus far? Based on the direct comments to me it's been very positive," said Miller.

Miller says voters who sent in sample ballots with a return address were sent letters back alerting them that what they had sent in were not actual ballots and were for informational purposes only.

Miller says should they do something like this again they would likely change the color of the paper the ballot was on, make the word 'sample' darker, and send the message via post card.

If you want an absentee ballot in Linn County, the deadline is October 27th.

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