Candidates Looking for Student Vote

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG) - There are only about five weeks until the November elections and Iowa candidates are pushing to get folks participating.

Democrat Candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Tim Gannon was out this past week talking to students at University of Iowa and University of Northern Iowa, "Now, we're here in Ames to talk to our students at Iowa State about early voting and about getting active in the elections and how elections not only have consequences but there are serious issues facing the state that college students need to be thinking about."

Gannon was with Iowa Democrat Candidates for Secretary of State and State Auditor Deidre DeJear and Rob Sand. Together they pushed for students to get out and vote and encourage others to vote.

Gannon talked on topics ranging from biofuels to trade to the ISU College Democrats. One issue he points out, particularly related to them, is the burden of tuition.

He says students aren't happy with rising costs and if farm kids go to state colleges, it can prevent them from getting back to the farm, "That when they get done, it's hard for them to choose to get back to that home town or to that farm if they don't see a way to be profitable in agriculture, they may have to choose to move the city just because they know they'll be able to make more money there and pay down those student loans."

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