Waterloo Sets Monthly Rainfall Record

WATERLOO, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - This month will go down not just as the wettest September on record in Waterloo, but the wettest month overall. 12.89 inches of rain have fallen so far this month, eclipsing July 1999’s 12.82 inches of rain. Waterloo’s wettest September was in 1941 with 11.63 inches of rain.

In Cedar Rapids, the official rainfall so far this month is 6.36 inches. That puts it as the 17th-wettest September, well behind the record of 15.38 inches in 1914. The wettest month on record is July 1993, when 17.03 inches fell.

Dubuque has had 8.23 inches this month, making it the 13th-wettest September on record. The most in September was in 1965 when 15.46 inches fell. The wettest month was July 2011 with 16.01 inches.

In Iowa City, the official rainfall so far is 6.85 inches. Its records at the airport are limited, but the wastewater treatment plant location goes back further. There, the September rainfall record is 10.56 inches, set in 1970. The most in any month was 13.40 inches in July 1993.

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