UI Offering Self-Defense Classes

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) -- The University of Iowa and Iowa City police want people to know what to do should someone try to attack or abduct them. This comes after two recent high profile cases of men allegedly abducting women and assaulting and killing them.

Mollie Tibbetts died in July from a stabbing. The 20-year-old University of Iowa student was running in her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa.

Iowa State University golfer Celia Barquina Arozamena died September 17th.

Police say she was golfing at a course near ISU when Collin Richards assaulted and killed her. He told another person at the homeless camp he was living that he had the urge to rape and kill somebody. He is also facing a murder charge.

The University of Iowa and Iowa City Police are partnering to provide personal safety and self-protection classes to anyone in the community.

Officers say they've received many more calls since Tibbetts' disappearance and death. So the training aims to answer those questions.

It encourages people to think about going on double dates instead of meeting someone alone for the first time, or not being on phones while walking to and from your car.

Officers say the most important thing is to be aware of a person's surroundings.

"I would say be aware and pay attention to your surroundings and be strong. There is something to be said about a very strong female. So be strong and powerful," Officer Ashten Hayes said.

Officers put on the training for free Monday.

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