Quinn Stumpf this Weekend's UI Kid Captain

RIVERSIDE, Iowa (KCRG) - This week's Kid Captain for the University of Iowa Football game is 6-year-old Quinn Stumpf.

Shortly after being born in June 2012, Quinn failed a hearing test. Her parents, April and Chad Stumpf, took her to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital after a referral. She was then diagnosed with a hearing loss in both ears.

During her first year she had infantile spasms and at one year old she started having dystonia, a movement disorder that causes muscles to contract involuntarily.

Genetic testing in 2015 found her disorder is so rare that they hadn't named it yet, as there are only about 30 people with symptoms like her in the world.

By the time she was three, Quinn's organs started to fail because of the number of medications she was taking.

After her neurology team consulted with a world-renowned neurosurgeon practicing in Kenya, they implanted a pump to help effectively deliver medicine to Quinn.

Quinn participates in a critical trial to address her seizures and undergoes weekly physical and occupational therapy. She also uses a cochlear implant and hearing aids to help her hear and takes medications.

Quinn is the Kid Captain for when the Hawkeyes host the University of Northern Iowa this Saturday in Iowa City.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Quinn.

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