Local Gun Owners React to 3D Printed Guns

VINTON, IA (KCRG-TV9)-- A federal judge has temporarily blocked the released of blue prints to make 3d printed guns. The blue prints were supposed to be available starting Wednesday.

That was after the federal government settled with Defense Distributed, the company that makes the blueprints.

The 3D printed guns would be untraceable and undetectable. This has sparked concerns about the implications for airport security, schools that have metal detectors and efforts to keep people who aren't allowed to have guns from making them.

President Trump said earlier today making 3D guns available to the public doesn't make much sense.

Bob Ducharme is the owner of Tactical Creations in Vinton. Ducharme thinks people should be allowed to make their own guns with a 3-d printer. He also says these D-I-Y guns aren't as powerful as some think.

He says the difference between a real gun and a 3D printable one is the barrel. Real guns have metal barrels while the 3D guns have plastic ones.

Ducharme says that makes it hard for a bullet to build up enough speed to penetrate anything.Even though he doesn't want one, he thinks people should have the option of downloading the blueprints to make them.

He says, "I see no issue with it. I don't see where it's the government's job to say what you can and can't make. But it's very dangerous, you know a solid plastic gun, it's gonna blow up if it builds up any pressure at all."

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