Some Area Beaches Test High for E. Coli

JOHNSON COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- With the heat and humidity this summer that may call for a trip outside to the beach.

But before you set foot in the water, TV9 is taking a close look at the safety of the water at local beaches for swimming.

Some beaches at Lake McBride, George Wyth, and Back Bone State Park have a higher reported level of E.Coli.

The Iowa DNR says most strains of E. Coli aren't harmful to humans, but if someone has a weaker immune system, the bacteria can make them sick.

TV9 checked out Lake McBride State Park on Tuesday and sure enough, when you enter the beach there's a warning sign posted.

It lets beach-goers know that the water here is currently "not recommended for swimming."

But if you check out this scene, there's still plenty of people who decided to go for a swim.

Alexander Spragle lives in Johnson County and he says barely notice the sign, but after reading the warnings he'll change what he does at the park.

"Probably just going to be a little bit more careful getting into the water, still going to go kayaking, but especially getting in and out of the kayak I'm going to be more careful not to drink the pond," says Spragle.

So if you are headed out to Swim even in areas where it's not recommended the Iowa DNR says:

*Do not drink the lake water

*Avoid swimming after heavy rainfall

*Keep children and pets away from the water

*Keep those who are sick or with weaken immune system away from the water.

The DNR says it's hard to know where the E.Coli in each body of water comes from.

Human sewage or animal waste contamination have all been linked to E.Coli found in lakes and beaches.

If you would like to find out more about the water quality of another beach in Eastern Iowa you can click HERE .

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