'Library on Wheels' Rolls through Dubuque

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- An eastern Iowa library is taking a new approach to reach more people in the community.

The Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque has rolled out a new initiative to get Dubuquers to take advantage of what the library has to offer- literally rolling it on three wheels.

Across the city, people might see a brightly dressed man riding a tricycle. That man is a Library Assistant at Carnegie-Stout Public Library named Evan Meyer, and he is more than likely preparing for his next stop with the "Library on Wheels."

He can check out books, and even sign up new people on the spot. Meyer said he has already had some success in the short time the wheels have been rolling.

"I've already encountered a couple people who have never been and are otherwise unwilling or unable to go to the library," Meyer said. "So I think that's the definition of success for this program, just to encounter people outside of the building, the library itself."

Meyer said making the library services more mobile will allow people in Dubuque to have easier access to the materials available. He said people in Dubuque have already checked out more than 200 books in the two weeks or so since the tricycle was debuted. He has also seen a handful of people to sign up for new cards.

"I've also renewed and replaced about as many cards- seven or eight, of people that just haven't been to the library in a while, or they lost their card and weren't sure what to do," Meyer said. "And then I can just show up with my little kit and say: 'Hey, here's a new card, come visit us again.'"

Meyer said their main goal is to get more people reminded of the services the library offers and expects more people to come as they recognize his yellow trike and outfit patrolling the streets.

The Library on Wheels is scheduled to roll around the city through October, and to see where it is headed next, click here.

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