12 Year Old Charged with Cutting & Burning Cat, Burglary

CLINTON, Iowa (WQAD) – Authorities have charged a 12-year-old boy after police said he burglarized a boat on a trailer parked in a yard, then killed a cat, and threatened to hurt the boat owner with a knife.

According to a news release, Clinton Police Officers on June 4 responded to the 500 block of 5th Avenue and found a boat owner restraining a 12-year old boy.

Police determined the 12-year-old was stealing out of the boat, and when the boat owner confronted him, the teen displayed a knife and threatened to hurt the man.

Officers also found the teen had cut and burned the boat owner's cat, which was rushed to a local veterinarian, but died from its injuries.

Prosecutors have charged the 12-year-old with burglary and animal torture.

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