Vinton Stores Begin to Rebuild After Fire

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Downtown Vinton will always carry the scars of a major fire that tore through only 3 months ago.

The fire destroyed Michael & Dowd Furniture Store and Clingman pharmacy, Fisher law firm and the Benton County Title company also took on major damage.

All four businesses re-opened in different locations.

Michael & Dowd Furniture store is now rebuilding on their original location.

Michael & Dowd says they've had crews out here every day for the past three weeks working on the new building.

They say it's their goal to open up in time for the holiday season in December.

Lisa Vogt co-owns Michael & Dowd with her husband.

The old building that burned down back in February had been in their family since 1936.

Last week Vinton contractors and family members helped put in a new deck where the original building once stood.

This week they'll continue putting up all the walls around the new building.

The new store will be a little bit smaller, but Lisa Vogt says it will allow for an area for loading and unloading her furniture.

Vogt says she really couldn't have done it without support of her community.

"The community has just been wonderful, they have been so supportive just stopping in here just telling us they're so glad that we're reopened, they're glad that we're rebuilding. It's just been a very humbling experience ," says Vogt.

They've been calling this location on 117 W 4th street their temporary home.

But Michael & Dowd isn't the only business that is returning to normal.

Clingman Pharmacy re-opened their business back in March a few stores down the street on over on A Avenue.

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