Construction 2018: Forevergreen Road

JOHNSON COUNTY, IA (KCRG-TV9)-- Anyone driving between Coralville and North Liberty on Interstate 380 sees the road work at Forevergreen Road.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is building a new overpass there and an interchange. It's also trying to limit traffic construction during the interstate 80/380 project

Officials say work is still on schedule to be done next year. They held a public meeting to give people an update on the timeline.

Right now, crews are doing utility relocation and some grading along with a new structure. They're building a new 5 lane bridge over 380 on forever green road.

Officials says the interchange will act as a safety valve when construction is being done on 80 and 380, and the loop ramps on the highways are gone.

Cathy Cutler with the Iowa Department of Transportation explainss, "We won't use it as a regular detour but in case there's an incident such as a rollover, hazardous material spills something like that, we can send them on Forevergreen Road."

The construction isn't causing any detours right now. There were some overnight closures when they setting up some of the beams. Officials hope to have the ForeverGreen Road construction done by the fall of 2019. After that, they will shift to the I-80/380 project. 

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