JoCo Encouraging Residents to Go Solar

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Solarize Johnson County is an effort to have more homes be powered with energy from the sun. The county held it's first of many Solar Power Hour sessions today.

Similar to a program in Linn County, Johnson County's program gives people a chance to buy solar equipment as a group and save money. The sessions give homeowners information on the basics of solar power and the financial implications for a home. Johnson County Supervisor Mike Carberry says now is the time to buy.

"They're probably never going to find a way to get solar cheaper because the tax incentives are going to be phased out starting next year," said Johnson County Supervisor Mike Carberry. "Next year, the federal tax credit will start phasing down and because the state tax credit is only half of that."

The next "solar power hour" will be next Tuesday night at 6:30 at Coralville City Hall.

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