UI Students Unveil Baja Car

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) The University of Iowa Chapter of Society of Automotive Engineering International, or SAE, have unveiled this year's baja car.

That's the car that the engineering department put together to race in the Society of Automotive Engineers Collegiate Design Series Competition. 150 other schools from around the globe are competing.Companies like John Deere and Ford often attend to scope out employees.

The group tells TV-9 they're confident with their updates, that the university will win nationals.

"We have a brand new five link rear suspension, a completely new drive train," said UI Junior Mechanical Engineering Student Rob Pohren. "It's going to last all four hours of the endurance race, it's going to bounce over logs, rocks and make all the jumps and that's going to help us get to the top of the podium."

The competition begins May 17 in Pittsburgh, Kansas.

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