Our Long-Suffering Winter NOT Over Yet

Will the wet snowflakes on Wednesday be the last of the season? With any luck, yes, but don’t get too confident.

Tuesday’s weather will be just fine, although still cool. Highs will be in the 40s to around 50, but with plentiful sunshine and a lighter wind, it’ll feel pretty decent. Late Tuesday night, our next weather system approaches from the west.

Precipitation should start off as a rain/snow mix. Throughout the morning, cooler air will spill southward, gradually changing all the precipitation over to wet snow. The morning drive looks either wet or sloppy, depending on what’s falling; whatever is left for the evening drive would be snow, but it will be getting lighter by that point.

Far northern Iowa has the best chance of the higher accumulations once again. Two to four inches is likely from Decorah to Charles City, with amounts dropping off south of there. Like the last two systems, the places that get less snow will have it accumulate mainly on the grass and elevated surfaces. Areas generally south of Highway 20 should have the least snow, making it more of a nuisance than anything else. Those who get at least an inch will probably have to deal with some roads turning slick.

Temperatures warm into the 50s toward the weekend, and 60s are expected early next week. By the last week of April, accumulating snow becomes rare – but as we have learned this month, it would be wise not to rule out rare weather.

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