Sweeney Elected in Special Run-Off Election

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Republican Annette Sweeney has won the special election to replace District 25 Senator Bill Dix of Shell Rock.

Sweeney got 56 percent of the vote, while Democrat Tracy Freese got 44 percent.

Senate District 25 is comprised of Grundy and Hardin counties, and portions of Butler and Story counties.

Data shows the district has more than 16,000 active Republicans and more than 8,000 active Democrats. About 15,000 people are registered with no party.

Before Sweeney's win there was just one female Republican in the Iowa Senate.

Gov. Kim Reynolds congratulated Sweeney on her win Tuesday night.

"I look forward to her joining the State Senate and partnering with our team to build a better Iowa. Annette is a role model for women across our state, and I hope her election will encourage even more Iowans to answer the call to serve and run for public office,” Reynolds said.

Dix was Senate Majority Leader when he resigned after video of him kissing a lobbyist in a Des Moines bar surfaced.

Below are the county-by-county vote counts:

ButlerR-Sweeney: 531D-Freese: 392

GrundyR-Sweeney: 1,268D-Freese: 774

Hardin R-Sweeney: 1,795D-Freese: 1,120

Story R- Sweeney: 1,148D- Freese: 1,440

TOTALSweeney: 4,742Freese: 3,726

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