Brewery Coming to Dyersville

DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- One eastern Iowa city has received a state-funded grant for $100,000.

The City of Dyersville received a maximum-amount state Community Catalyst Building Remediation Grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

The city will be using that money to turn an unused building into something completely different.

The former home to a sewing company at 146 2nd St. NE will be remodeled into a local brewery.

This coincides with the Dyersville Comprehensive Plan that was officially revealed by designers just a week ago. The plan for the brewery was included in those plans.

The city will use all $100,000 to help the private business open shop.

Those involved say this decision aligns perfectly with the hopes of revitalizing downtown Dyersville.

"It's so perfect," said Jacque Rahe, Executive Director for the Dyersville Economic Development Corporation. "The interior is perfect for what we want to do. The exterior is in great shape as well. The fact that it goes hand-in-hand with this other developmental vision and the riverfront."

Carol Olberding, who plans to open the brewery with her husband, said she was approached by Rahe when she suggested the idea. Around that time, Rahe said she heard about the grant and went to a research meeting in Maquoketa before applying.

According to the Iowa Economic Development Authority, in order to qualify for the grant was showing the importance of redeveloping or rehabilitating "buildings to stimulate economic growth or reinvestment in the community."

While the grant is in the name of the City of Dubuque, the money has been pledged to be used towards the renovation of the building to the privately-owned brewery.

Rahe said the city is making good use of the grant money based on the commitment of the new owners, and the response the potential of a brewery has gotten from the community.

As part of the research for the Dyersville Comprehensive Plan, feedback from the community showed a strong interest in bringing a brewery to downtown Dyersville.

A survey was done to get an idea of interest in a new brewery.

The survey showed 96-percent of people who took the survey said they want a brewery in the area.

The potential owners have no professional brewing experience, but they are self-described avid beer fanatics.

Olberding said she has the idea years ago, and since mid-January, she and her husband have been doing research and tinkering with beer recipes.

Rahe said based on the hard work the couple has shown, they have no concerns about the business moving forward.

"They've done a lot of work on their own, they have a lot of passion for it, there's some educational expertise that I think fits very nicely with this venture," Rahe said. "So we're all very excited and we know it will be successful."

Rahe said the challenge the owners will now face is finding staff members to help with the brewing process, as well as potentially finding other investors to help cover the cost of the renovation.

Olberding said she still has papers to sign to ensure that this dream becomes a reality, but if all goes perfectly, they could open as early as January 2019.

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