The Week Ahead in Traffic

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Several road projects in Eastern Iowa are coming together but that means, for some drivers, tighter traffic.

In Iowa City, a number of those projects are happening right now.

On Monday, most of the work is happening at the intersection of Burlington and Clinton Street.

Crews tell us they are trying to make the area near the Ped Mall safer for pedestrians, especially since this area has a lot of students.

A majority of this work will be taking place underground.

Iowa City engineers tell us they'll be constructing right turn lanes, a traffic signal, and a pedestrian signal at the Burlington-Clinton Street intersection.

They don't anticipate traffic to be impacted too much in this area. This 1.1 million dollar project should be completed by this summer.

Crews will be out here starting Monday to replace a six-inch water main with a 12-inch one because they say the area is growing.

"The new Hilton Garden Head behind me, the new development on the corner here behind me and anything in the future down Clinton street that would accommodate any future development," says Iowa City engineer Jason Reichart.

Also in Iowa City, crews are still doing major work on the Iowa City Gateway Project.

There are about seven weeks left of work on the bridge in preparation for the upcoming closure of Park Road.

Dubuque Street will still stay open during the Park Road closure which should last for two months.

The last part of this phase will be to elevate the northbound lanes at Park Road.

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