UI President Responds to Budget Cuts

 University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld is responding to a bill that would cut 35 million dollars from the current state budget.

That bill is now on the governor's desk. The Iowa Senate passed the bill last night after the House approved it on Tuesday.

These are cuts for the state's current budget year that ends on June 30. Legislators had to make cuts after a budget panel said state revenue was coming in below previous projections. One of those cuts is $11 million to Iowa State University and the University of Iowa.

University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld released a letter Thursday showing his disappointment in lawmakers approving these cuts.

It said in part, "What does this say about our state's priorities? What does it say to our current students who, within the next four years, will choose whether to stay in Iowa or explore career options somewhere else?"

Harreld went on to say the university has developed a plan for dealing with this challenge. And he says that plan will probably include raising tuition, which he says is not something the university takes lightly.

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