Iowa Republicans Finalize $35M Budget Cuts

Iowa Republicans have finalized mid-year cuts of more than $35 million to the state's $7.2 billion budget.

The Senate voted 28-21 Wednesday night for a bill that reduces the budget that runs through June. The Republican-majority House voted for the same plan Tuesday. It now heads to GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds.

The bill cuts about $25.4 million from various state agencies, including nearly $11 million from the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. There are also reductions of $4.3 million from the agency that oversees health services and $3.4 million from corrections.

Lawmakers also agreed to take $10 million from a program that helps businesses expand.

A budget panel said last year that state revenue was below projections. The panel improved its outlook recently, but Republicans say they wanted a cushion for the budget.

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