City of Dyersville Planning Ahead

DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- One eastern Iowa city is planning ahead - through the next 20 years.

On Monday, March 26, the City of Dyersville is hosting what they call an open house event to learn about a comprehensive plan for the future of the city.

The plan is being presented by RGD Planning and Design.

They told us their goals with the city are to improve land uses, encourage economic development, and come up with a new plan for downtown.

Some of the most important factors to the city would be transportation and road connections to better connect the city with roads or bridges.

Some members of the steering committee say it is important to plan ahead now to build and prepare for the future.

"We're planning 15 to 20 years out, which it may not seem that far away, but in some aspects and to some people, it really is," said Karla Thompson, Executive Director for the Dyersville Chamber of Commerce. "So we need a plan in place and kind of focus our energies on that to get our projects completed, and also for budgeting, of course."

The planning and design group has been working on this project for about ten months. It is hoping after this public input meeting March 26, they can submit their idea to the city administrator next month, before being approved by the city council.

TV9 reached out to the Dyersville City Administrator Mick Michel about suggestions or hopes he had for the plan.

He said he would not go on camera because he did not feel comfortable putting forth his opinions until the plan has been addressed to the city council.

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