ICPD Investigating Fake Ride-Share Driver

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Iowa City police spotted a post on social media. And now they're trying to catch a man posing as an Uber driver.

Police say they recently learned about the event. They say a man drove up to the victim while she waited for her Uber to pick her up, but did not say where she was located.

When the driver could not answer questions an authorized rideshare driver with Uber should be able to answer, the driver drove away. But the victim in their social media post says the driver then approached others claiming to be their Uber driver.

Police say they're looking for a 6 foot tall black man, wearing an earring with no facial hair. He's believed to be in his early to mid 20's, and was driving a black vehicle, but police have no further description of the vehicle.

Iowa City police stress to the public to call them immediately if something like this happens to you. They also want to remind people using rideshare apps to verify drivers and companies before getting into a vehicle.

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