Nazi Graffiti on U of I Campus

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The University of Iowa Police Department is investigating two instances of Nazi graffiti found on a campus mural on the west side of campus.

The university sent a campus-wide email Monday night, stating the graffiti was reported March 14 and March 18. According to the release, the graffiti was found on the campus mural inside the pedestrian tunnel near the Art Building.

The University stated "hate speech does not reflect the values of our institution and will not be tolerated. We are a caring community that values compassion, inclusion, respect and dignity."

This is the latest incident of white supremacist activity in Iowa City. In January, a flier connected to a neo-Nazi group ended up on lawns and driveways. Also in January, someone put "It's Okay to be White" stickers on the Ped Mall during the Iowa City Women's March.

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