Iowa House Passes Traffic Camera Bill

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- A bill to prohibit the DOT from operating or placing automated traffic enforcement cameras has passed out of the house.

On March 14 the bill passed in a 77-21 vote by the house.

The bill says a local authority is only allowed to put an automated traffic enforcement camera with a justification report.

The bill says the report to justify the camera has to be accessible to the public and a public hearing has to be held for each proposed location.

The legislation also says any fines by the cameras must be the same as a fine from a citation an officer would give them.

The bill says any authorities that want to put an ATE on a primary road has to get approval from the DOT.

Any ATEs are required to be tested for calibration each day under the bill.

They must also have a monthly schedule by a trained professional in calibration.

Local authorities will be required to keep record of the daily and monthly calibrations for the cameras, should they have them.

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