Officers cleared in fatal Iowa shooting, dash cam VIDEO

Screenshot from police dash cam video.  Video from KCRG-TV

BREMER COUNTY, Iowa - Police dash cam video has been released after the Bremer County Attorney has determined that a deadly police shooting in northeastern Iowa last January was justified.

That night started when a 911 caller reported a man holding a gun to his own head at a truck stop in northeast Iowa.

Deputies say Jihad Merrick fired a shot, and then started driving away, dragging an officer who was partly in the car struggling with Merrick.

The Bremer County Attorney has determined that the police shooting was justified to prevent injury to officers and the public, according to KCRG-TV.

An autopsy determined that Merrick, of Minneapolis, died from three bullet wounds.  The medical examiner reports he had methamphetamine in his system at the time of death.  

WARNING:  The dash cam video, below, contains disturbing images and words, and should only be viewed by mature adults.  

Click here for police dash cam video courtesy KCRT-TV Channel 9 Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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