Iowa City Will Soon Implement Deer Strategy

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV-9) A city is proposing a new deer hunting program to keep drivers safer. Iowa City says its been getting a lot of calls about problems with deer.

A report by the non profit, White Buffalo, shows the deer population in Iowa City has risen significantly in the past ten years. City Manager Geoff Fruin says that's how long the city's gone without utilizing a deer management strategy to reduce the numbers of animals.

"We have been getting a number of calls and complaints throughout the city," said Fruin.

People have been complaining about the deer population to Iowa City leaders, especially deer versus vehicle crashes. Now Iowa City is considering allowing bow hunters to thin the herds.

"We keep reducing their habitats, I mean what do you expect? We need to have some consideration for them," said Animal Rights Activist Lynn Gallagher.

Gallagher says the city should find a way non-lethal way to solve the deer problem, like cutting down bushes around populated areas and constructing lit "deer crossing" signs.

"If you reduce their numbers, they're going to have more fawn to make up for it. I've read that," said Gallagher.

But the city manager says the city needs to do something that addresses what can be a nuisance or a safety issue.

"Certainly we hear from people who have been in an accident or who have had their gardens or trees damaged by the deer population," said Fruin.

Council will be discussing if they will be taking action or not at the following meeting Tuesday night.

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