A Slippery Morning Drive

 A band of freezing rain is likely across central through northeastern Iowa Monday night into Tuesday morning. There will probably be a sharp cutoff in the amount of icing on the southeast edge.

Temperatures will be important in determining who gets what. Areas that are 32 degrees and colder will have ice, while places that are above 32 degrees will have rain until dropping below freezing. Bridges and overpasses will generally be the first roads to turn icy.

Areas roughly southeast of Williamsburg to Cedar Rapids to Dubuque should be warm enough to be all, or nearly all, rain for this event. Farther northwest, the potential ice accumulations will increase. Places northwest of Tama to Waterloo to Prairie du Chien have the highest chance of getting at least two-tenths of an inch of ice.

Precipitation will taper off from west to east, exiting the TV9 viewing area by early afternoon. Roads that were icy in the morning will take time to improve, even after the precipitation ends.

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