City of Marion Wants to Build New Skate Park

MARION, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Marion Parks Director says this is the year the city will likely get a much-requested skate park.

Currently, the city of Marion is looking at putting the skate park near Butterfield Park, but it doesn't actually own the land.

It leases the land from the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection.

As part of this new proposal, the church will have to sign off on the idea.

The Marion Parks Director says the idea for a skate park is something he noticed in public surveys.

"Its one of those things when we do citizen surveys you know and we'll ask you what you'd like to see within our parks, couple years ago we did a master park plan, out of that plan one of the things that came to the forefront was that need for a skate park in the community," Mike Carolan, the Director of Marion Parks and Recreation said.

The parks director says there's a lack of skate parks in the Cedar Rapids area.

"There's huge popularity in skate parks, we are somewhat skating park-starved in this metropolitan area so it will be very well received by that skating community and I think it will also attract new people to the sort also," Carolan said.

Riverside Skate Park is the only skate park in the Cedar Rapids Metro area.

The Marion Park Board has already approved the concept of a new skate park.

The project is currently budget at about $150,000.

If the church doesn't approve of the idea, the city of Marion can go somewhere else.

The Marion Park Board has already approved the concept.

The city plans on building the park sometime between June - November of this year.

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