Proposed "Sanctuary City" Bill

Proposed Iowa Sanctuary City ban would prevent arrest of illegal immigrants who report crime 

Supporters of a Sanctuary City bill say it makes Iowa safer. Police Chiefs in Marshalltown and Storm Lake disagree, and are speaking out.

Representative Steven Holt, of Denison says the bill is aimed at stopping catch and release.

"If local law enforcement agencies are not cooperating with federal authorities and not sharing information, it would create the kind of situation that killed Sarah Root, and so that's what we want to stop in Iowa." Holt tells Simon Conway on Newsradio 1040 WHO.

21-year-old Root died in 2016 after being injured in a crash in Omaha after an undocumented immigrant who police say was street racing while drunk, crashed into her car.

Holt says the Iowa bill includes a provision that illegal immigrants who report a crime, will not be arrested.

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