Christie Brinkley's Daughter Didn't Tell Her Mom About Nude Photo Shoot


Christie Brinkley's daughter Sailor is following in her mom's footsteps and has become a model. However, her famous mother didn't know that for a recent photo shoot with Sports Illustrated, the 19-year-old posed naked. 


The session with photographer Taylor Ballantyne was for the magazine's "In Her Own Words" campaign, which sees the models covered in words that describe their identity. 

Sailor chose phrases like "work in progress," "artist" and "optimist" to put on her body. 


The teen model explained to Entertainment Tonight that the reason she didn't tell her mother wasn't because she was afraid Brinkley wouldn't approve, rather Sailor said, "It was the type of shoot I didn't want any comments on." 

Once the final images were done, she filled her mom in and Christie was thrilled with the photos which she thought were beautiful and artistic. 


Learn more about the "In Her Own Words" project and see photos here


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