CRPD Warn of Home Security Scam

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Cedar Rapids Police Department is warning people of a possible home security system scam.

The department says they have gotten multiple calls about a potential scam involving people posing as a security system company.

The individuals have used different versions of a claim that the home's security system has been bought out by another company or that they need to inspect the system because an upgrade is required.

Police say the individuals are targeting homes with a security system sign that is visible on the house or posted in the front yard.

The Police Department wants to remind people that you shouldn't allow anyone to come into your house without verifying with your security company that they have sent an authorized representative to your house.

Contact your security company's customer service number that was provided to do this.

The individuals involved in the scam are believed to be driving a Nissan Rouge and they may be wearing what appear to be authentic identification lanyards. A surveillance photo of the car can be found above.

If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, please contact the Cedar Rapids Police Department at (319) 286-5491.

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